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Outlook Express Download For Mac Os X 10.4.11

I have just downloaded Eudora OSE having been a Eudora user on a Apple Mac for some ten years - yes TEN YEARS.It did not overwrite 6.2.4 but created a standalone second Eudora application icon in my OSX (10.4.11) Applications folder. When I started the install sequence it managed to transfer most of my account settings to the OSE application and is able to receive incoming mail.However it will NOT receive mail - the error message states "Unable to authenticate to SMTP server It does not support authentication (SMTP-AUTH)although you have chosen to use authentication. Uncheck 'Use name and password for that server or contact your ISP - in my case PIPEX a subsidiary of TALKTALK UK.

Outlook Express Download For Mac Os X 10.4.11

I am not a guru and i wanted just that outlook express icon doesn't appear on the dock when the application has been opened. I haven't found any .plist file that refers to outlook express, and opening the .app file with resedit i can't find any "plist resource".Isn't there a normal way to persecute this simple aim? (I am a windows programmer and with that terrible OS all this things are very simple to do)thanks (I am really getting crazy for this problem) 350c69d7ab


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