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A Lion Nesterov
A Lion Nesterov

DATA DRAMA "Close Your Eyes"

The mass of data associated with the average consumer is so large and exhaustive that it may someday be possible to piece together a complete timeline of your entire life based solely on your accumulated data. Forget about writing that memoir!

DATA DRAMA "Close Your Eyes"

No matter how experienced you are with data visualization, a pro for years or a newbie just starting out, there are always opportunities to simplify, be it in your analysis or your design, maybe even in your approach.

In the example images above, I have kept one map the default while making the other as simple as possible, still showing countries and coastlines, but removing everything else. Again, experiment with your particular data story and see whether removing any layers from your map helps your data to stand out.

Do you need 6 different filters and 3 legends on your dashboard? Unlikely. I know you want to give your audience freedom to interact and explore their data. The downside of all this flexibility are the following points:

There is no deadline, there is no need to rush and submit something as quickly as possible and I suggest that taking your time to really get a story out of the data, is a great way to become a better data analyst and is a skill to take back to your day job.

From the looks of the trailer, each crime scene in Unheard is a complex web of moving parts. You're there long after the events, but able to hear what was said and done in the building over the course of a few minutes. You walk your little avatar around and listen in on the people milling around, arguing, muttering to themselves and maybe providing some big clue to answer a question. NEXT call it "a combination of game, immersive theatre and radio drama", and I think that about sums it up. I've got a little itch at the back of my brain saying I've seen something like this before, but I can't think of what it is, so let's just call it new and fresh for now.

So many of my very favourite things in Sea of Thieves are sounds. There's the wonderful snug internal clonk of the ship's wheel settling back into its full-ahead position (so subtle you have to really listen for it; at times I think I am imagining the whole thing). There's the strained, buckling groan of your hull reacting to a dropped anchor when it still has sails filled with wind. Best of all there's the neat, arresting, confirmative thwack of a shovel digging into sand and hitting - something! Something good! A treasure chest! Clonk, groan, thwack. This is a game you play with your ears as much as your eyes, and while your eyes get the glorious rolling, thrashing drama of the waters to look at, your ears get so much else besides. Your ears get the detailing that really sells the fiction. 041b061a72


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