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Oblivion Alt Tab Fix

Click StartClick "All Programs" (or just Programs, depending on the version of Windows, whether they're using "classic," etc.)Go to the ffdshow folder.Click "Audio decoder configuration."In the left hand pane, click "Info & debug." This is the second entry in the list.In the right hand pane, near the bottom, find a check box labelled "Don't use ffdshow in:"Check that box, and in the text box underneath (it lights up when you check the check box), add "oblivion.exe" (don't include the quotes). If there is already something in that box, put a semi-colon ( ; ) after what's already there, and oblivion.exe after that. Do NOT use spaces, since ffdshow will think that's part of the filename. A valid entry would be "explorer.exe;oblivion.exe" (without quotes).Finally, click "Ok" and start Oblivion.Game Pad FunctionalityAlthough the PC version of Oblivion handles best when played with a keyboard and mouse, it is possible to play the game with an assortment of game pads as well. Due to the variance in these game pads, it may be necessary to make a few changes to the Oblivion.ini file located in My DocumentsMy GamesOblivion. Below is a list of the settings that can be changed to make a Xbox 360 controller attached to a PC, function better with Oblivion. It should be noted however, that because the PC version of the game was optimized to play with a keyboard and mouse, the experience will NOT be the same, as using a 360 controller on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Additionally, these settings can be applied to other game pads, but the values represented may need to be tweaked further. Finally, the mapping of the buttons will need to be determined when entering the game, and can be changed in Options - Controls, from the Main Menu - Do NOT map the directional controls (Forward, Backward, Left, Right), as this will overwrite certain changes made in the Oblivion.ini file.These are the default settings in the Oblivion.ini:;X = 1, Y = 2, Z = 3, XRot = 4, YRot = 5, ZRot = 6iJoystickMoveFrontBack=2iJoystickMoveLeftRight=1fJoystickMoveFBMult=1.0000fJoystickMoveLRMult=1.0000iJoystickLookUpDown=6iJoystickLookLeftRight=3fJoystickLookUDMult=0.0020fJoystickLookLRMult=0.0020

oblivion alt tab fix


However, some believe that the game has outlived its peak, especially since its successor, Skyrim, has been continuously updated while Oblivion has been lost in the metaphorical oblivion of Bethesda.

We'll now begin the process of cleaning our dirty mods (see back on Step 5 for a description of what dirty edits are). Open up your BOSSlog.html which is found in the whereveryouinstalledBOSS/oblivion folder. Do NOT re-run BOSS to open up the log page. If you do, then you must repeat Step 58.

Hi i have 3 friends that downloaded 1 of my friends and me got this to work no problem. but my other friend crashes everytime he loads up a new world for some reason? He is running on Alpha 19.6 b8 with age of oblivion 3.03. fresh install of everything he has done it at least 3 times now and still crashes. any reason why? 350c69d7ab


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