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Top 2004 Programmer Driver Windows 7

Has anyone tried the software for TOP2005 with the TOP2004 programmer, I would imagine that if the same types of devices are supported and the unit simply adds support for more devices that it should work?

Top 2004 Programmer Driver Windows 7

hi SUB, can you outline the process of updating the driver on vista cos by double clicking on windr16, it says a setup.dll or so not found. and i dont really know how to use the inf file. i have tried to use this programmer by using it from a virtual machine created in vmware, the programmer software runs as if no problems but the PIC does not run, ie it does nothing and i have an hp pavillion laptop and i dont think i want to degrade to xp right now.

HelloI have this program recently and have not managed to put to work! Can you help?Not with Windows XP! I installed the drivers and install, then connect to the programmer it is with the Power and Ready LED connected open the program and says (warning, USB driver changed!) After I click OK and the Blue Screen! Says prococado by windrvr6.sys installed the new version 6 and it says (take off power, delay 5 sec, and then switch on)Need helpThanks

Hi!Im having a problem with my TOP2004 programmer, i tryed 2 computers and nothing the top2004 programmer allways says that the current level is pour, can any one helps me, is the programmer damage?

Hello,I have bought programmer TOP2004 and i would like to ask where it is possible for me to find pinout of the programmers 40 pin socket, in order to know to which pins should i connect eprom whis is going to be reprogrammed.

UPDATE - Apparently closing the VM, unplugging the programmer, unselecting the programmer from the USB device menu, or pausing the VM after the programmer has been loaded by the VM makes Windows 7 bluescreen. So far, I have not found a way around this, as such the TOP2004 is effectively useless again. At least it's able to program chips and stuff, but once loaded, the VM has to stay open and has to be running. Pretty lame. I'll try to find a fix and update (BTW I'm using the latest VirtualBox as of this writing). Any ideas?

I love electronics. Building basic circuits, programming microcontrollers, making malicious self-replicating robots programmed to hate humans, and even so much as wiring up complete motherboards with old processors and LCDs. I had to find a USB flash/eeprom programmer that fit my hardcore lifestyle. On ebay a few years back, I bought the TOP2004. This wondrous piece of Chinese equipment is cheap, cheap, and USB. I needed USB because in the process of making my own flash programmer a while back, I destroyed half the pins on my parallel port. The programmer worked great, but only worked for one chip. I needed something a bit more versatile. The top2004 isn't a bad piece of equipment. The manual was translated poorly from Chinese, as is the software that comes with it.

Requirements: a 64-bit OS that doesn't let you use 32-bit drivers (namely Windows 7 x64), a 32-bit version of Windows laying around, virtualization software (check out VirtualBox) which is running your 32-bit version of Windows, a Top2004 programmer, DSEO, and the infwizard utility with libusb drivers (virus free, I promise).


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