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Roadwarden _HOT_

Roadwarden is a 2022 text-based role-playing and interactive fiction adventure video game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Developed by Moral Anxiety Studio, the game is set in the middle ages on a peninsula with multiple independent human settlements and features typical role-playing video game themes such as monsters and travelling bandits. The game centers on the player character, the "roadwarden" who is tasked with establishing trade and helping to secure the remote, dangerous peninsula, as well as investigating the disappearance of the previous roadwarden.


The player controls a person who has been hired by a merchants' guild to serve as a "roadwarden" for a remote peninsula, in an attempt to bring commerce, unify the tribes in the peninsula and establish trade with the merchants' guild. The player is also tasked with securing the roads between settlements and ensuring the safety of their inhabitants. In the standard difficulty setting, the player is given up to 40 in-game days to complete their mission, before returning to their home city of Hovlavan.[1]

Bands of Roadwardens that patrol the busiest, and most important, routes of the Empire are far more hierarchical and structured than those in the hinterlands. These include the Old North Road, the Old Dwarf Road, and the roadways that follow the mighty Rivers Reik, Stir, Talabec, and Delb. The Roadwardens of these routes structure their bands to more closely resemble the Imperial military, with each Roadwarden reporting to an immediate superior. Their titles vary, but include lieutenant, head roadwarden, and band leader. These leaders in turn report to the captain.[1c]

...and more. Here are some details: here is the latest devlog, portraying the problems with labeling the game through traditional genres: -rpg-visual-novel-text-adventure-hybrid-is-a-mouthful-roadwarden-devlog

The Foggy Lake tavern is one of the younger shelters that the roadwarden can visit during their patrols. It used to be a single hut used by the hunters and woodcutters from the nearby village, but quickly proved to be useful for trading. It provided the locals with a spot to barter or, once the palisade was raised, to spend a night and feast.

The game has changed a lot over the course of a year and a half. Read more about the recent changes, updates, and the new demo in today's devlog: 041b061a72


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