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Boku No Hero Academia 6th Season 17

Based on the best-selling manga by Kōhei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia has always thrived when presenting Horikoshi's unique take on American superhero comic books and illustrating the small and large ways having 80% of the population become superpowered would impact society. Heroes as complacent celebrities who care more about sponsors than saving people (but without the depravity of The Boys) and a public that treats them as idols or just cops are ideas that have always been slowly brewing, and season 6 brings every plotline and theme to an explosive boil.

Boku no Hero Academia 6th Season 17


This is the darkest My Hero Academia has ever been, with brutal deaths and irreparable damage done both to our heroes and the world they inhabit, and season 6 pulls off those emotional moments masterfully. We get scenes with the emotional payoff of All Might's last stand at least two or three times throughout the season, with huge repercussions like Dab's reveal to the world, and they work because the story has spent over 100 episodes building up to this. By the time we get the second opening theme of the season, Bokurano by Eve, it is clear there is no turning back to how things were.

Not to be left behind, this season also does a lot to grow the supporting cast in exciting ways. It makes up for the lackluster attempt at deepening the villains in season 5, giving them nuance and time to breathe, while also shining a light on the rest of class 1-A and how they've been forced to grow up during a time of crisis and step up into becoming heroes of their own. Of particular note is Bakugo, who gets his own much-deserved hero moment during a particularly great fight scene, and also an emotional confrontation with Deku that works wonders for both of their character arcs.

We're headed into the final act of My Hero Academia, to the moment where the story becomes global and the fate of our heroes is decided. This show has been full of highs and lows, but season 6 reminds us of why this anime is so popular and proves there are still many reasons to be excited about its conclusion. 041b061a72


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