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Maksim Ustinov

Scrap Riders

The game, which pairs a distinct cyberpunk setting with slick hand-to-hand combat, stars Rast, a member of a group of outlaw riders known as the Scrap Riders. You'll spend your time chatting with the locals, gathering clues, and most of all, beating bad guys to a pixelated pulp.

Scrap riders

An earlier plan to add 40 new passenger cars with newer technology to the older Acela trains posed technical challenges and wasn't cost-effective, according to Amtrak. It also wouldn't have been able to accommodate increasing ridership, the railway said.

KYOTO--Keihan Electric Railway Co. is testing an artificial intelligence (AI) system that uses image-recognition technology to quickly spot riders using white canes or wheelchairs and then notify station staff of their presence. [Read More] 041b061a72


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