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A Lion Nesterov
A Lion Nesterov

Birth Of The Dragon

BIRTH OF THE DRAGON is a martial arts action movie about the legendary martial arts instructor and pop culture icon Bruce Lee. This movie takes place before Bruce Lee made his big break on the television show THE GREEN HORNET, and the fight that influenced his career and birthed the Jeet Kune Do style of fighting from Bruce Lee.

Birth of the Dragon

I study why China suddenly exhibited a large surge in births -- a 50% increase in 2000 relative to 1999 -- in the 2000 Year of the Dragon by disaggregating birth rates at the city level. I define the dragon effect as a relative jump in birth rates compared to the trend. Prior to 2000, Asian nations with large numbers of ethnic Chinese -- but not China -- exhibited strong dragon year effects. I exploit the uneven economic growth of regions in China to understand the emergence of the dragon effect. I find that the dragon effect was most pronounced in rapidly developing cities having higher incomes, higher average education, and greater employment prospects as proxied by the share of non-local residents. My main findings at the city level are supported by our micro-level analysis, where I show the dragon effect to be strongly correlated with educational attainment of family members and membership in a multi-generational household.

There's a dragon in Draca; a restored figurehead with a dark history. The Vikings who carved and venerated that fearsome eye would have celebrated not Christmas but Yule, the midwinter solstice and the birth of the new year, so Happy Yule, God Jul. Or, as it may have been in Old Norse, Gleðileg jól. 041b061a72


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