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A Lion Nesterov

The Klub 17 V6 Poses Pack

kV1.zipThe POSES files goes in \Community\PoseEdit Will be fixed later.īecause of the different body size of real models, some poses are not align properly. (bug dissapear when going back to customizer).

The Klub 17 V6 Poses Pack

Added version verification to HotFix updater (will refuse to update if installed version/build is newer). Added limited support for v108 poses (poses using toys won't work) Updated with new outfits and platform shoe. Deactivated automatic speaking in sequencer. New title/intro screen & change "Powered by mod5XX" in start up by "Developed by TK17". Added yacht (and room textures to Adjusted all real models body size to reflect reality (except Coco Brown, info N/A). Pandora Peaks, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jenny McCarthy, Lisa Lipps, Briana Banks, Tiffany Tower. Added Angelina Jolie, Wendy Whoppers, Anita Blond, Vanessa Montagne, Real models moved at the beginning of the list (ie Jenna & Friend).

Added full/half Spandex masks and full Spandex gloves. New pubic hair now available to Men (with no pubic hair option to M/Sh). Added hands, fingers, tongue, pelvis and scrotum/penis tip size. Added hair size/position & ponytail size (see note). Poses pack with clothes and models 2015, for the klub, edited and created by ivonei days. Added flat clear fingernails & reset color icon. Pack de poses com roupas e modelos 2015, para the klub, editado e criado por ivonei dias. Combine Fingernails and Acrylic sliders. Added a second version Purple Lingerie panty for Shemale. Play and enjoy.Ģ.Copy from the folder TheKlub17 - Cborka, in the game folder From: TheKlub17ģ.Run the game C: \ TheKlub17 \ Binaries TK17-114.001_modįor English, uninstall GameModRus.txx - C: \ TheKlub17 \ Archives \ 2.114.- Added female outfits swimsuit, Purple Lingerie, Evening dress. TK17 is an easy-to-use 'sex simulator' that allows you to construct your own custom models, apply custom outfits, design animations ('Poses'), and test them in dozens of locations ('Rooms') to.


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