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Icom Rs Ba1 Serial 17

Since most older radios have old style TTL or RS-232 connections for this channel and most computers have abandoned these old style serial ports, we need to add a USB-to-Serial adapter to the computer. This is usually a simple piece of hardware (UART) accompanied by a Mac software driver that allows the application to "see" the radio connected to this device. The device may also include level converters to convert the RS-232 to the TTL level required by the (older) radio and sometimes DTR and RTS lines to also let the computer key the radio's PTT and CW lines.

Icom Rs Ba1 Serial 17


This IC-7700 version was released in April 2011. It incorporates redesigned PA200W and FILTER Units. The new PA200W uses a single STMicroelectronicsSTAC2942B dual MOSFET power device in its output stage. The serial number prefix begins with "1" e.g. 1201234 (US/Canada), 1301234 (EU), 1701234 (UK).

The previous serial number ranges begin with "0" e.g. 0201234 (US/Canada), 0301234 (EU), 0701234 (UK), and have the earlier PA200W (2 X MRF150) and FILTER Units.


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