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Opera 3d Vector Fields

Opera 3D Vector Fields

Opera 3D Vector Fields is a software suite that allows users to perform simulations of electromagnetic and electromechanical systems in 2 and 3 dimensions. It is developed by Vector Fields Limited, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes. Opera complements the existing SIMULIA EM portfolio with its strength in low frequency simulation, which is extremely useful for the design of magnets, electric motors and other electrical machines.

Opera 3D Vector Fields includes dedicated 2D and 3D pre- and post-processing environments for problem definition and results analysis. The graphical user interface (GUI) gives access to features that have been specifically tailored for electromagnetics and multi-physics design. Users can also program regularly performed actions into parameterized macro-files. The flexibility of Opera in adapting to user requirements has seen it being used successfully for a wide range of applications in different industries.

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The accuracy Opera provides is of paramount importance when looking at field homogeneities of parts-per-million in medical devices or particle accelerators. Advanced material modeling and solution procedures enable detailed studies of devices containing permanent magnets or superconducting coils. And application-specific front-ends help guide the users through the complex task of simulating and optimizing high-efficiency high-performance motors, generators and transformers.

Opera 3D Vector Fields can perform multiphysics simulations that couple the electromagnetic fields with other physical domains, such as thermal, mechanical or fluid dynamics. Users can analyze the effects of temperature, stress, deformation or fluid flow on the performance and reliability of their devices. For example, Opera-3d includes a helpful library for easy definition of standard shapes, such as solenoids and racetracks, and also offers users the flexibility to create coils of any topology. Using the lossy dielectric option, users can simulate electric fields resulting from charging of low-conductivity dielectrics.

Opera 3D Vector Fields is a powerful and versatile tool for designing and analyzing electromagnetic and electromechanical systems. It can help users achieve optimal performance, efficiency and reliability in their devices.



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