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Streamax Easy Check User Manual

Provides surveillance platform to access to, to play, and to manage video from different locations. Provides comprehensive information for user to review and to analyze the scene, including vehicle diagnostics and driving behavior information that is synchronized with video. Matches user business flow or provides flexible configuration to reach such purpose.Follow different customer views during the operation.Friendly GUI and easy interaction.

Streamax Easy Check User Manual

Manual: This option requires the user to enter the current time in the camera's web interface. It allows for precise entry, but must be maintained manually. In some cases, the manual entry may be accomplished via a "sync to PC" button, which sets the time on the camera to the time of the workstation the user is accessing it from.

Maintaining a handful of cameras' internal time is easy to manage, though also easily forgotten, so manual entry is never recommended. In mid- to large-sized systems, manual entry is out of the question. Systems on a larger scale require too much time to manually update. There is also a higher risk that a camera will be missed or incorrectly set.


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