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Greeting Cards

Your cards will be printed with the fold on the left of your photo from what you see in the preview. If you would like your cards to be printed in landscape, your landscape photos should be rotated so the top of the photo is on the left side of the preview.

greeting cards

Send custom greeting cards to loved ones to keep in touch and celebrate special occasions and holidays like Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, and New Year's. Our lives are filled with momentous occasions and celebrations with the ones close to us and some, if not all, of these moments call for a special greeting. From holiday cards to birthday cards, graduation cards to thank you cards, cards for men to cards for women and kids, Shutterfly takes care of all your DIY greeting card needs. Original designs and detail make Shutterfly custom greeting cards perfect for your family holiday photo cards, thank you cards, and more. Customize each card design with your favorite photos, fonts, and colors to make it one-of-a-kind. No matter how you personalize your greeting cards, they will wow your recipients because they were made by you.

Share your joy of the holiday season with friends and family by sending them custom photo greeting cards. Explore our newest collections of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's cards to find the perfect design template and personalize it to make it unique to you. Upload a photo, or a handful of pictures if you'd like a photo collage, edit the holiday greeting, add your family name, and alter anything else you'd like, including card trim, fonts, and card color. Your Christmas cards will pop with photos of your family or even pets. We source our cardstock from the finest boutiques and apply exacting printing techniques to ensure that all your holiday cards look their best.

Create your own custom greeting cards and send your friends and family a smile the old fashioned way. Get started by browsing through our greeting card templates and themes. From funny holiday cards and thank you cards to card designs for weddings and expressing your sympathy, you can add your own personal touch to our high-quality greeting cards. Our personalized, printable greeting cards make it easy to create a message that is uniquely you, and your loved ones receiving the cards - your son or daughter, or, say, your husband or wife - are sure to notice and feel special. Send custom Mother's and Father's Day cards, DIY graduation announcements, wedding invitations, save the dates, birthday cards, and birthday party invitations. Our cards are printed on the finest quality photo card paper that will give your greeting the extra shine that it deserves.

Use our design tools to make your photo cards and invitations truly one-of-a-kind. Dress your personalized greeting card up even more with our wide variety of trims and finishes. You can get really festive with your trim options. The clean edges really give your message just that much more personality. Creating custom greeting cards online has never been easier than with Shutterfly. Choose your card design and customize it to your needs, including photos, backgrounds, colors, personal messages and more. Our greeting card template is easy to use for everyone, and perfect for wedding thank you cards, baby shower thank you cards, 21st and 50th birthday cards, and everything in between. If you're feeling extra creative, upload your own design to make a greeting card from scratch.

Our greeting cards are a great way to honor employees, clients, and loved ones throughout the year. Just send us your mailing list and we will take care of the rest. We will personalize your cards, address the envelopes, and mail your thoughtful gifts.

Our greeting cards are here to spark a warm, nostalgic feel no matter the occasion. Each card features a bold and colorful design on the front and comes blank on the inside so you can write a personal note.

Once all of your cards are finished, you may layer the cards with wax paper and let them dry overnight under a heavy bookShare your handmade greeting cards with friends and family and enjoy the process of creating pieces of artwork from you garden, that will long outlast the transient blooms of summer!

When I lost my mom all I wanted was a card that said, "well this just sucks" and guess what...made it. I made that card and many others that were honest, real and direct. Tiramisu Paperie cards are there to say what you need to if you can't and give those you care about a little "pick me up".

Valley Children's Healthcare is excited to introduce our Patient Greeting Card program. Even if you have already visited or sent a gift, greeting cards are another way of showing your support and staying in touch with your loved one. 041b061a72


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