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Forgotten Memories V1.0.5 Apk

v1.0.5.2- Added super optimization for server (300fps > 1300 fps)- Fixed events synchronization due to bad optimization in server ^- Updated and optimized bullets system.- Reduced chance in 2 times to get deathmatch round in breach mode- SCPs can't escape in breach mode- If you escaped in Gate A you will be Chaos, if in Gate B you will be MTF in breach mode- Added new functions to script system- Added Opus codec for voice chat. Now voice chat supports only certain values.- Now MTF reacts to every item for all players.- Updated and modified guns system.- Now explosions don't damage through walls- Now jump key can changed in controls.- Each weapon has a fixed damage.- Added global blink for breach mode. Works only if Player-173 near players- Now weapon doesn't have infinite magazines, you need find the box of ammo.- Now grenade is throwable- Max players limit now is 64.- Removed black square when loading is started-----------------------------------------------------v1.0.4- Added fall damage.- Added SCP-096 to breach mode.- Fixed FPS drop due to player tags.- Added smoothing for players movement/rotating- Fixed SCP-939 view in breach mode.- Optimized server and client.- Fixed server memory leak.- Fixed pocket dimension dying.- More causes of death when a player dies are named.- Fixed dead players "dead messages".- Removed "CLICK TO ENABLE" text from all screens.- Now refined items showing at ending screen.- Added buttons to gates.- Reduced checkpoints keycard level and checkpoints are closed now.- Fixed blinking.-----------------------------------------------------v1.0.3- Fixed files downloading from script- Fixed NTF armours- Fixed SCP-860 forest dying- Removed achievements from breach mode- Fixed global room ambient sounds- Removed sky from breach mode- Fixed player hitboxes- Replaced HP for players.- Improved SCP-173 speed at breach mode- Added some functions and publics to scripts- Added death animation for MTF dead body- Fixed SCP-860 Forest lighting- SCP-106 moved to pocket dimension in breach mode- SCP-939 cant see players if they dont release sounds.- Players will not die while warheads explosion if they at outside of facility-----------------------------------------------------v1.0.2d- Fixed 966 (2k hp and no sprint)- Fixed chaos and NTF spawn- Fixed players nicknames- Fixed spectator- Fixed SCP-427- Reduced echo in intercom- Added normal first aid for Chaos and NTF (strange bottle)-----------------------------------------------------v1.0.2b- Improved voice chat (added echo in intercom)- Fixed events (cause elevators bug and bugs in some rooms)- Fixed elevators.- Fixed room1123 items spawning- Fixed breach-----------------------------------------------------v1.0.2a- Fixed fullscreen- Fixed items pickup-----------------------------------------------------v1.0.2- Updated breach mode.- Reduced map size in breach mode.- Patrons can have the [PATRON] tag above their head.- Fixed SCP-173 in breach mode.- Added maintenance tunnels to breach mode.- Added restarting server menu when server is restarting.- Added 4 players start limit for breach mode.- Added custom map support (custommap in server.cfg)- Added waiting lobby for breach mode.- Fixed "This server is already in server list" bug, when you try to Direct connect.- Updated voice system.- Updated players collision.- Turning off lights in breach mode is no longer possible.- Changing breach roles positions due to map size reducing.- Player raises a hand if he holds something in it.- Fixed bullets and grenades synchronization at server.exe.- Fixed pocket dimension dying.- Added a zombie to the Breach mode, which can make SCP-049, it has 300 HP.- Increased damage for SCPs.- Added server name in the lower left corner.- Changed NTF And Chaos spawn positions.- Fixed elevator at Gate A in Breach mode.- Changed the system of assigning roles in Breach mode.- Fixed similar connections bug.- Update server FPS system.- Reduced SCP-939 damage distance in Breach mode.- SCPs now can run, but they have stamina.- Fixed spectating.- Checkpoints are now always open in Breach mode.- Now you can escape in Gate B in Breach mode.- Official and modded servers merged.- Fixed server_lite Breach mode. (Removed)- Reduced chance to get Rocket Launcher for Chaos or NTF.- Chat wouldn't work in Breach mode by default, to change that change "breachchat" setting in server.cfg.-----------------------------------------------------v1.0.1a- Fixed resolutions- Fixed elevators- Fixed 914- Fixed items--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v1.0.1- Fixed some bugs- Added some optimization in server and game.- Added in-game "host server" button- Added quick clues at loading screen.- Updated guns moving- Enemies don't attack if you SCP in story mode.- Redesigned guns system, added aiming.- Added loading spinner- Added new gun - grenade- Fixed keypad- Fixed item loading from save.- Added "weburl" cfg in server.- Added lite server which doesnt use GPU--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v1.0.0c- Fixed SCP-966 at breach mode.- Fixed elevators- Fixed breach mode- Fixed server dying on restart.- Fixed room2sl SCP-049 appearing.- Fixed SCPs rotating at breach mode.- Fixed generating seeds.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v1.0.0- Now, you can load few scripts (example: script example.gss script.gss script2.gss)- Now, CreateTimer and callfunction and publics correctly sending params (value types. Early, they sending only strings).- SCPs can move in breach mode on 10 minutes.- In "map" tab servers now show map seed.- Some optimization- Changed something in connecting system- The wallets and clipboard works now.- Added description menu, which open by double click on server. "description" cmd in server.cfg- Added customize game state in server list (colorized oval show game state on server)- Now, server name can get colorized text (like gamestate or description)- Now, checkpoint doors never auto closing.- The glass now have collisions.- Game actions are now controlled by the server (the server requires 600-800 megabytes of memory)- Added very much functions in script for almost full server control- Fixed keypad camera position- Fixed double click system- Fixed pickup items (you cannot carry any more items)- Fixed 860 room. (fixed gravitation for all objects)- Fixed some bugs in breach mode- Fixed hand flickering- Fixed items desync.- Fixed bugs capable of overflowing server memory.- Fixed console input.- Fixed elevators synchronization- Fixed SCP-372--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.9.9- Fixed voice chat- Fixed server bots- Fixed breach spectating- Fixed loading game- Fixed server difficulty after loading a game- Increased breach mode lobby wait timer to 1 min- Updated voice chat lines- Updated gun recoil- Updated multiplayer GUI- Changed rocket speed rate- If the main player doesn't start the game within 2 minutes, the server kick the player.- If a player speaks on a radio, then players who are on his wave will hear him in 3d position if they are nearby- Fixed some bugs with breach mode- Now you can't move through players while they moving- Removed "callfunction" function in scripts (you can use "createtimer" for calling functions)- Fixed some bugs with Skynet++ (always read Tips in Fixed some flickering hand icons- Basic player actions work regardless of the open inventory or menu. (For example, the player did not fall when opening the inventory or menu)- Guards, Chaos, NTF get radio on spawn in breach mode- If the client doesn't respond, then he has a AFK.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------v0.9.8- Fixed voice chat driver name in settings- Fixed "callfunction" function in scripts- Fixed bugs that could crash the server or client- Changed array creating system in scripts- Changed something in voice system- Changed something in compiler (variables without value declaring, declaring as integer)- Changed some GUI- Added memory functions for scripts- Added new functions with files streams- Added defines support for includes- Now "voice_quality" can get 5000-96000 khz instead of types(0-2). Never use big values :), better use 22050 khz- Added auto-update for game and server.exe- Added new settings- Added ingame players settings in TAB- Added media instead graphics select (This graphics select doesn't make any sense)- Added settings for server.exe- Reduced internet traffic spending--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Patch for v0.9.7// Server patch

Forgotten Memories v1.0.5 Apk

Cat Museum gives players exclusive memories, stepping into the world of childhood stories. In your forgotten memory region, you face difficult situations to deal with. You find yourself and return with baggage full of truth from those pieces. The game will take players through many different emotions, building great stories about human emotions. The mysterious adventure has officially begun.


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