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betty boop and her little dog spook arrive in america and are captured and taken to be experimented on. but, spook seems to know a lot about the us and ends up getting the attention of a powerful mobster. will he be able to persuade the gangsters that spook is a plant? did you know that films with dogs were called "dog movies"?

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cast: betty boop (betty lou calvet), spook directed by: wilfred jackson featuring: betty boop and dickie dare the untold tale of a young girl who is sent to a reformatory for running away from home. she is mistaken by the warden, who orders her to do hard labor; to make matters worse, she becomes the unwilling, uninformed sexual partner of corrupt captain gegan.

paul was a former marine, but that doesn't mean his family are happy when he shows up at the house and announces his interest in joining up again.hidden behind the main title card is a very grisly story, interspersed with a sometimes unintentionally funny montage of paul and his family and friends at various stages of preparation.the mid-movie conversation at the local diner, in which he explains his reasons for going back into the marines, is a genuinely funny scene. on the other hand, a melodramatic sequence in which he's trying to get into the marines is so corny and overdramatic that it's almost painful. i don't mind that the film is occasionally silly, but this scene comes across as unnecessarily over-wrought, to the point of being irritating. i wonder why paul decided to rejoin the of the marine trainers asks him how many guys he's killed in vietnam, to which paul replies: 'i've killed one. i don't need to kill any more. if i do, then its my choice. if i don't, then i've always done my best to make sure i don't kill anybody.'


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